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Parts & Misc. Wanted

These listings are provided by private individuals and are displayed here solely for the convenience of members of the Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club. The Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club does not endorse specific products or services listed here, and neither will be held liable in any manner for any losses, damages, or consumer dissatisfaction associated with their use.  Advertising in the categories "Cars Wanted" or "Parts & Miscellaneous Wanted" is restricted to active club members.
1940 V-12 Bearing Caps Needed

I operate a one man engine machine shop and have a ‘40 zephyr v-12 block that was just purchased and unfortunately ended up not having number 2 & 3 main caps and their studs and nuts missing. I’m hoping that you could help us with the parts, as the block is pretty much rendered useless without them, unless I want to have a couple CNC machined. Any help would be appreciated.
Jerry Sample/ GN Performance
Three Rivers, Mi.
Phone: 330-219-5002    Email:

Parts Needed for 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr

Looking for following parts; 1939 LZ front & rear bumpers w/ outer guards, 1938/1939 LZ steering wheel w/ horn button, 1937-1939 complete LZ dash & 1939 LZ tailights.  Parts preferred to be in restorable condition/better.  Greatly appreciate any assistance.  Call/text Ryan Cross LZOC member #5198 (414) 614-8021/email

Parts Needed for 1941 Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

Member of LZOC needs the driver's door exterior top stainless piece I need the passenger door bottom exterior stainless and I need right and left pieces that go between the bottom door and the fender skirt also looking for that window regulator for the passenger door.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Please contact Jim Thomas.  Email: Thomas-Jim at Comcast dot net  Phone: 301 268-9360 (M); 301-895-4436 (H)

Parts Needed for 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr

'40 Zephyr 4 door or ’40 Continental front spring with metal covers.  
13 leaves, Part # 06H 5310-A


’40 LC Radio antenna


’'40 Zephyr or Continental Shift tube with working shifter


‘39/’40 Front brake guard assembly

Fits ’39 and ’40 Lincolns

Part # 96H 2156


Please contact Al Audette,  LZOC #937, Email:   Phone: 513-922-0178

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