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Club Officers

Every successful club depends on dedicated, passionate leaders.  The LZOC is no different.  Many of our officers have dedicated literally years of personal service to our organization.  Here are the current officers:

President -- Jim Blanchard

Secretary -- Todd Calder

Treasurer -- Lee C. Craig

Magazine Editor -- Richard L. Cole/Graphics Ltd.

Classified Ads -- Hank Antoniolli

Foreign Correspondent -- Colin Spong

Lincolnalia -- Robert Barr

Retired Magazines -- Robert Barr

LZOC West Chapter President -- Ray Brez

LZOC Central President -- Ronald N. Schneider

LZOC East President -- Todd Calder

Membership Management -- Cornerstone Registrations, Ltd.

Chief Judge -- Jerry L. Emery

Website and Social Media Manager -- Robert M. Mead


Board of Directors:

Directors 2019-2021: Jim Blanchard, Tom Brunner, Todd Calder

Directors 2020-2022: Lee Craig, Jerry Emery, Carolyn Henderson

Directors, 2021-2023: John D. MacAdams, John McCarthy, John L. Sweet III

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