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Gatherings of the Faithful

Since the club was formed in 1968, we have not only wanted to restore these cars that we admire so much, but we like to get together and display them to each other and to the public.  It would be a shame to put all that work into these cars and not be able to share them with others who appreciate them.  We meet at least three times a year, usually in one eastern state, one central, and one western, corresponding to our club's "chapter" orientation.  These meets are usually a few days long, with a Concours d'Elegance (with or without judging), tours and visits to local attractions, technical workshops on subjects of common interest, and plenty of good food and fellowship.  And there's always something planned for the ladies, if they're not crazy about all the car-related activities.

We usually encourage our members to bring some of those old, unneeded parts and goodies that we auction off to raise funds for the club.  We may not always have a professional auctioneer, but we guarantee lots of laughs!  Then there is the awards banquet, always elegant and full of good cheer and the making of new friendships and renewal of old ones.

We sometimes join with our colleagues in the Lincoln Owners Club (for the older, classic Lincolns), the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club (for all Lincolns, including more recent models), and the Road Race Lincoln Register (for the 1952-55 models, some of which took part in the Pan-America Road Races, and won!).  For many years, we've co-hosted a "Hospitality Tent" on the Chocolate Field at the Antique Automobile Club of America's (AACA) National Fall Meet.  If you've never attended this meet, you probably should, at least once in your lifetime.  It's reputedly the biggest in the world.  It's a great venue in which to meet some fellow members.  Check our calendar or Facebook page to learn the exact location of our tent.


You'll find information on this year's GOFs on the Calendar page.  Please join us.  We'd love to meet you.

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